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GPS, GLONASS, GNSS technologies - information and some possible applications

One of the main activities of "GEO ZEMIA" Ltd. is performing of GPS-GNSS measurements - accurate and highly productive, connected with the usage of the Russian analog of the system - GLONASS. "GEO ZEMIA" Ltd. has calculated transformation parameters for the relevant regions. Applying these parameters the transformation between the relevant coordinate and height systems is performed - e.g. between WGS84 and the so called local coordinate and height systems.

"GEO ZEMIA" Ltd. performs precise geodetic measurements - positioning, stake out, georeferencing, etc. for various objects in real time (RTK mode) with high level of accuracy - both in the position and height of each new-determined point, based on the combined use of satellite systems: GPS and GLONASS. In order to maintain the necessary high accuracy of the geodetic measurements in the survey work, we use network of GPS and GLONASS -GNSS Reference stations.

The geodetic measurements, performed by the methods of space geodesy and the combined use of GPS and GLONASS satellite systems have extremely high productivity and quality in hard terrain conditions.

GNSS measurements could be also used, if required for georeferencing of data, derived from 3D terrestrial laser scanning. With this procedure are coordinated (measured) 3D coordinates of so called control points (common for the scanner and GNSS system). On these already stabilised points are put artificial targets - e.g. spheres, which are being scanned by 3D terrestrial laser scanner. In Trimble RealWorks the information is being processed and is performed transformation of the point cloud from its local to the relevant new coordinate system.

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