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GPS-GNSS measurements and geodetic services - attractive prices

In a time of unfair competition, "GEO ZEMIA" Ltd. is able to offer its customers competitive prices - with no compromise in the accuracy and quality of GPS-GNSS measurements.

Here are listed the key moments, which make this possible:
1. Measurements with high accuracy geodetic instruments - GPS-GNSS receivers, supporting the satellite systems GPS and GLONASS;
2. Applying own geodetic software;
3. We have know-how for performing GNSS measurements and deliver high accuracy both for the position and height of each measured point.
4. We use powerful smartphones in our geodetic practice and contemporary cloud services;
5. We have experience from specific /hard to complete/ objects from the geodetic practice;
6. We apply own off-road car - Nissan Pathfinder, needed for completion of any task in surveying.

"GEO ZEMIA" offers to its clients competitive prices in comparison to the rivals.

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